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Check out your options for solar panel financing in St. Charles, MO, Bethalto, IL and East Saint Louis, IL

You can count on us to help you get financing for your switch to clean energy. Excel Commercial Solar offers financing services in St. Charles, MO, Bethalto, IL and East Saint Louis, IL. We work with six individual lending institutions, with programs designed specifically for renewal energy financing, bank options and credit union options with equity financing.

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State Rebates -Between $1000 and $3000 depending on state
Tax Credit -To be reduced to 26% on 12/31/22 then 22% on 12/31/23. Final reduction to 10% on 12/31/24. 0% thereafter.
Accelerated Depreciation -100% of depreciation can be taken in the 1st year
SREC Income -Passive income for every Megawatt hour produced
Electricity Savings -Decrease or eliminate your monthly electricity bill
Price Stabilization -Cost of electricity produced by solar array will never go up

Convert your company to clean energy

Our solar panel financing options are based on the gross amount of the solar power system. Our team will go over all the details with you to help you make the best decisions for your needs.

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