The Builder Market is Changing. Will You be Ready?

Change can be unsettling, especially when it comes to evolving markets, new demand, and updated regulations that can hamper old processes. But with change also comes opportunity - and the companies that take a swift, creative approach to these new challenges are often rewarded, while others struggle to change.

It's no secret that regulations and pro-solar mandates on new homes have been becoming more and more prevalent within the builder industry. Renewable energy which include mainly solar and wind is gaining status as a 'must-have' feature for millions of new homeowners, with installations growing 50% per year over the past 10 years.

That's because solar eliminates the homeowner's power bill, increases the home's resale value, and significantly reduces their carbon footprint as energy demands continue to grow.

By teaming up with Excel Commercial Solar's builder program, we'll help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to renewable energy. That way, you can continue to focus on what you do best: building in-demand, high-quality homes - leaving the renewable energy stuff to us.
Are you living under a renewable energy mandate or simply curious about this renewable energy craze taking over the nation? Your timing is perfect! Buyer demand for renewable energy has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. 2020 was record-breaking for the renewable energy industry and projected to climb higher with 18% growth in 2021. If you're on the fence, now is the time to embrace renewable energy. The benefits speak for themselves: Attract more buyers to your homes Increase profits by 4.1% per home Sell your homes 20% faster Put money in your pocket with federal and local incentives Let's look at your top renewable energy questions and take your sales to the next level.

What's the difference between a complete solar installation and solar-ready solution for new homes?

A complete solar installation involves mounting a solar panel system on your new build or an existing structure. This means the home is equipped with solar electric power. It includes the full cost of the solar components - such as inverter(s), solar panels, etc. - and is ready to start offsetting the home buyer's electricity bill as soon as they move in. A solar-ready solution gives a buyer the option to install a solar system down the road. A buyer may not have the funds to complete the project during the initial construction process. Solar-ready homes make it easier and less expensive for home buyers to expand their system in the future by installing low-effort material, like conduit and wire, right off the bat. This is attractive to home buyers, knowing their home is primed for a cost-effective solar installation. NOTE: In either scenario, pay attention to the following: Roof steepness: Go with a south-facing roofing at approximately 15 - 30 degrees Roof layout: Plan where vents, dormers, and chimneys should be located Solar panel's electrical source: Install an electrical source for the solar panels in a location that's easy to access and won't cause electrical hazard issues Electrical capabilities: The electrical system should be designed to equip a solar panel array

Who benefits from the solar tax credits: my business or the home buyer?

Now, that depends on who purchased the solar system. If your customer bought the system, they're eligible for a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit and local incentives. If you bought the system, the benefits are yours. Federal Tax Credit Example: If you buy the solar kit for $7,000, plus the additional cost of conduit, wiring, and labor (electrician and roofer hours) puts you at $10,000 net solar install costs - your tax credit would equal $2,600 (0.26 x net solar installation costs). IMPORTANT: You need to buy and install the system before the buyer moves in. This way you receive the tax credits and incentives (and this is no small bounty)! BENEFITS FROM SOLAR TAX CREDITS 2.

How can my team accurately install solar if we don't know the customer's power consumption yet?

This is tricky since there are several variables involved. #1: You want to work with your architect to develop an expected power consumption. #2: Make sure your solar system is modular and expandable. Getting your buyer started with an entry-level system gives them time to determine how much power they're using. With this information, they can scale-up their system and better offset their power costs. And by using this approach, you design the perfect home and set your customer up for success. ACCURATE SOLAR INSTALLATION 3

How difficult is incorporating solar into my current process?

It's not difficult if you pick the right solar partner that can provide the following: A solar electric system design The proper permits The needed components A crew trained to undertake installations There are partners out there that will simplify the entire process for you and even provide lifetime support to your buyers. And if you're looking for turnkey services, they're readily available. Make sure to work with a solar partner that has a good track record. The last thing you need is unforeseen costs and delays to your current build processes that eat into your margin.

Should I use a turnkey solution or my own resources?

If you have several solar installation projects, there's no question - leverage your own resources. Your pocketbook will thank you. This can save you an average of $5,000 per home, which compounds overtime and can make solar work in your favor aer you add up all additional margin solar brings to your home value. Installation trainings are available for your crew, from online classes to hands-on demonstrations at your site for your staff and your trusted subcontractors. If you decide against having your workers trained, you'll need to partner with qualified installers in your area.

Is Leasing Good for The Homeowner?

Short Answer: Leasing is a terrible solution for your customer. Third-party leasing is a scam and here's how it hurts your buyer: They get locked into a 20 to 25-year lease agreement (which is difficult to escape) They pay a 2% to 3% annual escalation rate for power (increasing at twice the rate they'd pay to purchase power directly from the local utility company) They never own the system and thus never receive the financial benefits (missing out on several thousand dollars) It's harder to sell their home since a new buyer must be willing to take on the costly agreement They may pay a hey sum to end the agreement to attract a buyer Key Takeaway: D

Can the buyer roll the additional cost of solar into the mortgage?

Rolling up the additional cost of solar into the mortgage is the best option. Installing a system is equivalent to adding a pool or patio into the building plans - it increases the home value. Solar is simply an additional home feature that pays the customer back over time. And the option is simple. A mortgage lowers your customers' upfront investment, cuts their overall monthly outlays, and puts thousands upon thousands of dollars that should rightfully be in their pocket.

Who handles warranty issues and technical support for the solar system after it's installed?

This depends on the scope of the materials, production, and workmanship warranties. Fortunately, ongoing upkeep and repairs rarely fall on you, the builder. The system designer, installer, component manufacturer, or property owner will likely be responsible. If you're still concerned, fear not. There are solar partners who handle warranty issues and/or technical support. This includes lifetime support to homeowners, answering all questions and troubleshooting issues.

Will people be more interested in my homes if they have panels on them?

Absolutely. Most new homebuyers are looking for solar today. Your buyer will gain: A lifetime of savings on electricity bills (and the system pays for itself) The opportunity to sell excess power back to the utility company A minimum 4% increase in the value of their home A quicker home sale if they own the system A reduced carbon footprint Solar is a win-win for your customers.

Our Promise. Your Success.

Unrivaled Knowledge
With nearly 20 years of experience in solar business, Excel Commercial Solar is uniquely qualified to design and provide solar solutions for your home builds.

No order is too big or too small, and no builder is too new or too large. We've designed more than 12,000+ custom solar systems across the United States of all sizes, types, and configurations.
Hassle-Free Integration
Excel Commercial Solar specializes in designing, building, and delivering custom solar systems that integrate seamlessly into your existing building plans - no need to go back to the drawing board.

Plus, with access to a wide range of equipment from over 50+ reputable manufacturers, you won't have to make sacrifices in quality or aesthetics.

Full-Service Support
Working with Excel Commercial Solar eliminates the time and effort needed to add solar to your construction, by giving you support all the way from design through permitting and installation.

We'll take the time to provide hands-on, onsite training for your crew with an experienced professional or, you can rely on us to provide an all-inclusive turnkey solution. Once installed, our FREE lifetime support is transferred over to the homeowners, ensuring that the homeowner will be well taken care of well after the project is done.

Solar Training That Will Deliver
Excel Commercial Solar has been supporting and installing renewable energy solution like solar and wind and storage solutions since 2012, so we know how to do solar right. To ensure you and your team have the skills and knowledge you need, Excel Commercial Solar will:

  • We can hire an employee to develop and train as your go to person for creating your own install team
  • We can have an Excel Commercial Solar installer provide turnkey service installation
  • Provide professional on-site training for your crew - if you prefer to use your existing subcontractor
  • Will keep you up to date on the latest renewable energy technologies, incentives, and market trends
  • Renewable Energy Designs that Meet Your Needs

Homes designed with solar in mind look better - it's that simple. Excel Commercial Solar will collaborate with you to design end-to-end solar solutions that:
  • Maximize energy generation
  • Qualify for all applicable incentives
  • Comply with local building codes
  • Match your high-quality craftsmanship without sacrificing design
  • Align with the aesthetics and architecture of your homes
  • Easy and Cost-Effective Installation

With Excel Commercial Solar experts by your side, your team will be able to handle solar installations with ease: We can leverage your own team rather than hiring specialized solar installation professionals. Deploy Excel Commercial Solar installers, roofers, and electricians for solar installations when you need them.
Excel Commercial Solar will provide lifelong support to homeowners, answering any questions and troubleshooting issues. Get access to our builder rebate program & special discounts

Simplified Process
There's not much we haven't seen at Excel Commercial Solar. We know how to maneuver through paperwork, processes, and installations to get things done efficiently:
Provide necessary permitting and incentives paperwork to ensure everything looks in order for timely and accurate processing
Work directly with buyers to help them meet their renewable energy goals
Ensure construction meets all local building codes and solar mandate requirements
Support meeting any green building certification standards you may be looking to achieve